Family Outreach Program

Many people grow up in a family that was less than perfect and lacked the love, nurturing and respect needed to fully thrive in life. Often, unhealthy coping skills are developed in the face of adversity.

In our family outreach program, we bring clients and family members together to address the wounds that keep them from creating the lives they want, both individually and as families.

Participants engage in traditional and experiential processes to foster understanding, acceptance and forgiveness and explore deeply held beliefs, feelings and underlying issues. Call today to learn more about our family outreach program.

Treatment may include:

  • Family therapy sessions (as clinically appropriate)
  • Education about family disease, family roles, trauma and family healing
  • Group exercises to strengthen participants’ understanding of educational material
  • Creation of a family genogram
  • Adventure therapy

Our treatment team helps clients explore and address issues that feed dysfunctional family systems. Goals of family therapy and our three-day family outreach program include:

  • Working through family dysfunction, disagreements and related issues
  • Increasing healthy family communication patterns, with emphasis on assertive, specific communication without emotion as the most effective way to resolve conflict
  • Helping families understand the disease model of addiction
  • Educating family members about the various roles individuals take on in their family and how those roles play out between family members
  • Providing resources for family members to get the help they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life both individually and as part of the family system

We work individually with both clients and their families to address the issues that have led the client into treatment. We take a family systems approach to treatment, recognizing the family as a connected, living system; an issue with one of its members is indicative of issues that need to be addressed as a whole unit.

We help families understand the various roles each of its members plays in the system, and facilitate healing of the whole unit and the individual parts.

Targeting primary family issues we can tackle and begin resolving the core problems in a safe environment. Contact us today and let Road To Recovery help you achieve the goals you seek to get back to your family.