Intensive Outpatient

Outpatient rehabilitation sets you on the course to lasting success and sobriety. Allowing you to get back to your loved ones, professional life, and hobbies. Outpatient treatment is as easy as going to weekly check-ups and exams! Beyond the initial steps of recovery, patients discover the underlying causes of addiction by working with our compassionate addiction therapists during inpatient rehabilitation.

Outpatient rehabilitation (rehab for short) gives patients the ability to test out independent living. Patients are allowed to return home after attending addiction treatment at our facility. Outpatient rehab gives patients the chance to test out what they’ve learned about addiction and apply it to everyday living.
Outpatient rehabilitation therapy allows recovering addicts to continue receiving medical and psychiatric treatment and establish healthy coping strategies learned during inpatient treatment. Patients are never alone for long.

Recovering patients visit Road To Recovery Treatment Center 3-5 days out of the week for cognitive behavioral therapy, pharmacological therapy, family therapy, and life coaching.
Outpatient rehab drug and alcohol rehab are designed to support recovering patients who feel ready to take the next step in drug rehabilitation by returning home.

Enjoy the Freedom of Outpatient Programs while Receiving Addiction Treatment:

  • Less intensive than inpatient treatment, allowing for extended freedom
  • Ability to return home everyday
  • Continue your life normally, with active support from your loved ones
  • Establish your habits of abstinence in the comfort of your own home
  • Conveniently located outpatient treatment centers
  • Outpatient treatment is less expensive than inpatient Treatment
  • Attend treatment typically three to five days weekly

Outpatient rehab programs revolutionize monitored independence, granting freedom while coupling strict drug and alcohol testing, medical assessments, and mandatory therapy sessions to ensure continued longevity.

Patients are the forerunners of their own recovery and participate in intensive therapy, restorative group therapy, and holistic rehabilitation of the body and mind with meditation, yoga, and acupuncture. Recovering patients often participate in 12 step programs like AA and NA; be aware that your medical doctor is the only authority you should listen to in regards to discontinuing any form of medical treatment - your sobriety and your life could depend on it.

The independent nature of outpatient therapy is not suited for everyone and may precipitate relapse, delaying recovery. Don’t rush your treatment and know your limits. Our addiction counselors will place you in the program that is suited for your level of addiction. Learning to consciously utilize and identify stress management techniques at home is the cornerstone of successful treatment.

Ideal for substance abusers in the beginning throes of addiction, as the program is less intensive than residential drug rehabilitation, and will address the underlying reasons for addiction.

Patients who continue their drug and alcohol addiction treatment by enrolling in sober living communities typically perform better than their counterparts who plunge into living independently straight after treatment.