Professionals Program

The Road to Recovery Professionals Treatment Program sets itself apart from other programs:

Distinguished Leadership – Our medical director, José M. Valdivia, Jr. MD, has over 40 years of experience working with health professionals. He's been the Medical Director of a variety of facilities throughout his career in addiction.

Cross-Collaboration – Designed, staffed and experienced to work effectively with Professional Health Programs and State Regulatory Boards.

A Standalone Program for Professionals – Rather than a treatment track, which may include young adults and other client populations, our patient's social environment is exclusively made up of adults, primarily healthcare professionals. This offers a more intense and focused experience for our patients.

Extensive Local Network of Specialized Services – We utilize nearby community resources as well a variety of specialty clinics to provide complex care for our patients.

12-Step Alternatives Available – Although 12-step programs are our mainstay, we have the capability to treat patients and have them participate in alternative programs (i.e. Refuge Recovery, SMART Recovery, and others as well as AA meetings that include meditation).

Skilled Clinicians – Our therapists are highly seasoned and know how to work effectively with professional clients, their referents and families.

While focusing on professionals, our program is not limited to licensed professionals. Our goal is to provide non-licensed professionals with the same approach that has been used with licensed professionals and that has a remarkably high success rate.

Professionals Treatment is primarily conducted as a residential day treatment program, though all levels of care are available. The program is for motivated adults (25 and over) who seek long-term recovery and a high quality of life.

Over the past three decades, an exceptional system of care has emerged in the U.S. to address the needs of professionals suffering from addictions and co-occurring disorders. This system is composed of specialized evaluation and treatment programs that work in concert with regulatory boards and professional monitoring agencies.

This system of care and ongoing monitoring has achieved a remarkable record of documented success. A national study of professionals treated and managed under this system reported fewer relapses and preservation of careers.

Drawing on decades of experience and research, and utilizing what has been developed and learned, our Professional Treatment Program includes the optimal components of care to offer the most effective approach possible.

These components include:

  • Thorough multidisciplinary evaluations based on validated
    diagnostic criteria
  • Client-oriented treatment
  • Long-term monitoring and advocacy

Our program is focused not only on inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol, but on other addictive behaviors and mental health issues as well. Contact us today and let us help you in your time of need.